Whip Workshop with Domino

We are delighted to bring you a full day of fun and education with the most excellent and whiptastic, Domino!

You’ll leave this jam-packed workshop armed with pretty much everything you ever wanted to know about whips, including:

  • a bit about the history of whips
  • different types of whips and how to use a one in a scene and keep yourself and your bottom safe in the process
  • what to look for in a high quality whip
  • how to buy your first whip and care for it so that it will last a lifetime
  • how to make crackers, replace them, and how to clean them on whips where they are not replaceable.

After you’ve been slathered with all that information, it’s time to get crackin’ with some hands-on instruction in the safe use of your whip.

Domino will start by teaching the Archers crack then show you how to build on that, so you will be able to craft a great whip scene from start to finish.

But wait, there’s more!

DSB_1403The day wraps up with a full-scale Whipcasso session!

What is Whipcasso, you ask? It is part single tail scene and part abstract art.  A 3-4 foot signal whip is used to apply washable, acrylic paint to a body  in a variety of patterns and colors.

When you’re done you have a piece of walking art. More in the style of Jackson Pollack but Whipollack just didn’t have the same ring as Whipcasso.

All the paint used is acrylic and washes off with soap, water and a good scrubbing…which many view as a secondary benefit 🙂

Who Should Attend

You should join us if…

  • you are whip-curious and want the best darn education anyone could hope for in single day!
  • you love whips and can’t get enough of them, or Domino teaching about them!
  • you are scared to death of whips but are open to having your mind changed about them!
Required Equipment

There is no required equipment but ….

  • If you own any whips, bring ’em.  If not, no worries.  Domino has a few he’s willing to share.
  • You should wear or bring clothes that you don’t mind getting paint on for the Whipcasso segment (even if you only plan to watch!) In fact, some people have a Whipcasso specific wardrobe that they wear each time they paint or get painted…a sort of ongoing art project!  And, if you’d like to add a dedicated Whipcasso whip to your collection, Vicious Whips is a fabulous local source.
When, Where and How Much

Saturday, September 17, 2016

10–5 pm at NHOT World Headquarters

(address will be provided when you register – vetting applies)

Cost is $40/person

The registration fee includes:
•    the full-day workshop & Whipcasso supplies
•    light snacks and fresh water throughout the day
•    Lunch

Your Instructor


About Domino:

From tying up his high school cheerleader girlfriend, to having his Dominant spirit awakened by a spankophile in the early 90’s, Domino has pursued his interests in the BDSM lifestyle for more than 4 decades.

After working with Robert Dante, Sebastian, and Bob Deegan, Domino’s interest in the single tail was heightened with a particular interest in longer whips for both scene and sport cracking, and his whip bag holds more than 75 examples of whip craftsmanship from all over the world.

Domino is the creator and host of The Bullwhip Lounge, a day long whip extravaganza at NELA’s Fetish Fair Fleamarket and has presented at many local and national events including Black Rose, The Floating World, Leather Reign, and Brimstone.

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