Suspension 101

Lotus website imageSeeing someone wrapped in rope and dangling in a state of floaty bliss often sparks an interest in rope tops to suspend and rope bottoms to be suspended.  We understand those feelings!

The thing is, going from wrapping someone in rope to wrapping them in rope and hoisting them off the ground, exponentially impacts the risk of injury.  Those who are skilled at suspension often make it look easy and that can lead to a false sense of confidence for the untrained rope enthusiast…both top and bottom.

While rope suspension isn’t rocket science, there are some key elements needed to maximize the chance that everyone will have a good time.  This one-day workshop is designed to provide you with those skills, so you can confidently and competently suspend willing victims.

“I’m 100% satisfied with the course.  I expected to be able to come out with a reasonable degree of competence/confidence doing suspension and that’s just what happened. What surpassed my expectations was the quality of the instruction and the overall vibe.”

What You’ll Learn

•    General safety  – There are a few safety issues specific to suspension that are important to know.
•    Equipment options –  There are variety of benefits and drawbacks inherent to the rope and hanging apparatus used.
•    Several basic ties –  Because no two bodies are the same and it helps to have a couple of tricks up your sleeve.
•    Body dynamics and support – Gravity: it’s the law… and one you can’t break.  But you can learn to trick it a little.
•    Bottom prep – Some important do’s and don’ts to ensure a long, comfy flight (that’s right, comfy!)
•    Getting someone in the air comfortably and safely – Yes, it is possible to be comfortable in suspension!
•    Adjusting while in flight – Often the difference between a long, happy float and dud that comes to an abrupt end.
•    How and when to take someone down – A smooth finish leaves everyone eager to repeat the experience.
•    Organizational tips – Those Boy Scouts were onto something with that “Be Prepared” thing.
•    Plus a few insider tips and tricks that time and experience have bestowed upon us.

“Suspension is new for us, but you did a great job de-mystifying it in a safe and supportive atmosphere.  I loved how much time you gave for the tying exercises. Nothing felt rushed and we were able to go up multiple times with each arrangement. The repetition was awesome.”   

A Zonah and Lew Rubens classic

Who Should Attend

This day is designed for those who have enjoyed rope bondage (tying people on the ground, to a bed, a tree, another person…) but have no suspension experience or, have been attempting suspension without ever having anyone teach them – aka winging it 🙁

The class is limited to 6 pairs.  Notice we didn’t say couples.  Couples are certainly welcome but if you are a single top and can find a bottom willing to be your crash test dummy for the day that’s great.  Likewise, if you are a single bottom and can find a top who wants to learn this stuff, that’s equally great.  But you’ll need to register as a pair and work out the payment details yourself.

”For anyone who wants to take a suspension class and come home with real confidence and a feeling that you can do it safely and successfully, this is a great course to take.” 

Required Equipment

You bring the rope; we’ve got you covered for everything else.

Attending pairs should have 6-30′ and 6-15′ lengths of rope to use in the class.
Rope should be 6mm or equivalent MFP, Hemp or Jute already cut to length with finished ends.

Absolutely no cotton clothes lines for this type of activity.

When, Where and How Much

Next class: Saturday, January 27, 2018

10:00 am – 5:00 pm (or until your bottom can’t take it anymore!)

NHOT World Headquarters (If you haven’t been here before, the address will be provided when you register – vetting applies)

Cost is $80/pair (must register as a pair regardless of whether or not you are a couple)

The registration fee includes:
•    The workshop from 10-5
•    Light snacks throughout the day
•    Full lunch

Your Instructor

Carl’s interest in rope and knots dates back to his days as a Boy Scout.  (Doesn’t every healthy Boy  Scout daydream about tying girls to trees?)  While the clock ran out on his opportunity to obtain the rank of Eagle Scout, he did enjoy the satisfaction of mentoring several other young men to that pinnacle during his many years as a Scout leader.

Turning his aptitude for tying toward his dominant desires, he continues to expand his rope skills, particularly suspension ties that allow his subjects to enjoy a long blissful ropey flight.  After teaching Industrial Arts for 10 years, Carl has found  sharing his passion for better bondage with his kinky cohorts a much more fulfilling outlet for his BS in Education.

With more than 15 years of BDSM experience, Carl’s proficiencies are many but among his greatest interests are rope, whips, canes and designing and building dungeon furniture.

Since space is so very limited for this popular class, we suggest you contact us asap to reserve your spot.

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