Sadistic Massage

It’s good for you!

Featuring Iya: a 20 year practitioner of Japanese styles of shiatsu and acupressure.


During this workshop she will share her abiding love for bodywork, which spans from the deeply pleasurable and relaxing; to vigorous, rough and downright painful!

In this hands-on workshop you will learn techniques that will allow you to perform a basic shiatsu-acupressure massage with a sadistic twist that hurts so good!

 This is a full day version of her wildly popular 90-minute class that she has taught at many major events like Bound in Boston, TESfest and The Crossroads.  Here’s what folks who’ve attended say:

 Loved it and …lots of fun!  really liked the emphasis placed on communication.

Great techniques, clearly explained, learned a lot and felt great doing it!

This was a great!.-Iya- is an excellent teacher, she explains well, is engaging to listen to and integrated teaching and allowing for hands-on practice very skillfully. She taught so many variations and techniques that even people familiar with massage could learn something new.

What You Will Learn

  • Safety and basic anatomy to ensure that you don’t create the wrong kind of pain – as either the giver or receiver.
  • Basic shiatsu-acupressure massage techniques with a sadistic twist!
  • How to use thumbs, fingers, fists, elbows, and feet to produce a whole body experience that provides sadomasochistic pleasure for the giver and receiver.
  • Variations using rope for added leverage as desired.

What You Should Bring

Massage tables will be provided but you may need to share so please bring a blanket or sheet to make taking turns quicker. Be sure to dress in comfortable clothing that you can move freely in…or easily remove 🙂

Who Should Attend

Anyone interested in learning these kind of massage techniques.  There will be ample time for practice and customized instruction.

When, Where and How Much

Saturday, July 15
10:00 -4:00 pm

NHOT World Headquarters in New Hampshire (address provided upon completed vetting.)

$80/pair (Any 2 people are welcome to register as a team but you must register as one pair and work out the finances between you 🙂

Registration fee includes:

  • the workshop
  • lunch
  • light refreshments throughout the day

About the Presenter

-Iya- has been exploring her love of rope, impact, whips and erotic hypnosis privately and publicly at events up and down the East Coast since 2011.  She has a passion for skillful communication and collaborative efforts; from event planning for 3000 to co-topping a scene.

She brings two-decades of Buddhist practice into her teaching on the topics of communication, bodywork and self-awareness in a variety of settings and is delighted to bring that experience to the kink community.

She has been an active volunteer for New England Leather Alliance (NELA) in support of the Fetish Fair Fleamarket (FFF) since 2013 and now serves as Director of Flea Programming and Social Media. Don’t let her friendly demeanor fool you – the sadism runs deep in this one!

Space is limited. Please use this form to secure your spot or initiate the vetting process today!

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