NH Rope Group

rope group image A monthly gathering for rope bondage enthusiasts of ALL levels of experience and skill – from brand new to seasoned veteran.

We always have something prepared to teach.  But please don’t let that stop you from bringing ideas about what you’d like to learn.

And, if you’ve learned something knew and want to share it with the group, please do. Because, at NH Rope Group, everyone is a student and everyone a teacher!

Who should come?

Anyone interested in learning to tie or be tied is welcome; beginner through advanced!  You should join us if…

  • you love to tie willing victims
  • you’re a willing victim who loves to be tied
  • you enjoy being both the tie-ee and the tie-er
  • you’re curious about rope and want to explore it in a safe, judgement-free environment (there is always an opportunity to break off into a beginner/refresher circle)

You can come with or without a partner and rest assured that no one will ever be pressured to work with anyone they don’t eagerly want to!

When do we meet?

Last Friday of the Month

7:30 – 9:30 pm 

On the rare exceptions when we need to shift the meeting it will be well publicized through our mailing list and social media.

Where do we meet?

We meet at NHOT World Headquarters –just east of Concord, New Hampshire.  If you are interested in attending NH Rope Group, please be sure to use the form below to begin the vetting process.

What does it cost?

Admission is $5 per person at the door (cash only please)

Some additional stuff that’s good to know.

  •  We know some people like to capture their rope work on “film”…please check with us before you click for some important guidelines.
  •  We know it can be hard to resist the urge to play (or scene) when rope starts flying but at NH Rope Group the focus is on sharing & learning. So, be friendly… just not too friendly 🙂

IMPORTANT Information for First Time Attendees:
First time attendees will be required to sign a waiver, provide us with your real name and show ID.  This information will be kept confidential.

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