Playing with Power

D/s Dynamics for the Beginner, Battle-Scarred and Broken In

Not quite sure how to best describe yourself and your desires?

Have others tried to assign labels to you?

Ever felt like the more you learn about the BDSM culture, the more confused you become?

You’re not alone!

Power exchange exists on a continuum; from Saturday night recreation or just-in-the-bedroom to full blown Total Power Exchange dynamics.

female dominance

Figuring out what feels right for you on that continuum is a process because….

everyone’s power exchange path is a unique and ongoing journey!

There’s always more to learn, explore, question and discover about exactly what sort of power exchange dynamics feel right for you and what new frontiers you feel drawn to investigate – regardless of the labels used to describe it!

We feel confident that you can benefit from this workshop whether you are…

  • brand new to discovering your interests and desires around power exchange,
  • have been at it for a while, or
  • had a rocky start and want to make more informed choices going forward.

This is a day for self-exploration and self-discovery, sprinkled with lots of laughter in the comforting companionship of like-minded friends!

What we will cover:

The day will include exercises, round-table sharing and instruction all geared at getting a better understanding of who you are and what you want from your power exchange experiences- as well as enhancing the pleasure and satisfaction you receive from them.  Here’s an overview of what we’ll be discussing:

  • Degrees of power exchange  – There’s no secret formula for defining what we do but there are terms and definitions that can help you pinpoint your proclivities.
  • Defining yourself –  and finding the place where you can be both clear and comfortable with the ways you are drawn to express your power exchange desires.
  • The evolution of power exchange – Where you start this journey is likely to be miles from where it ends.  We’ll look at navigating the twists and turns you may encounter on your path.
  • Protocols & Rituals – the difference between them and deciding how to use them in reality vs fantasy.
  • Kinks & Fetishes – and their role as conduits for the expression and delivery of power exchange.
  • Etiquette Pointers – basic tips to help you avoid accidental alienation.

power exchange

Who Should Attend

Anyone interested in expanding their enjoyment of power exchange.

When we say anyone we mean anyone.

  • couples are welcome
  • poly families are welcome
  • single folks are welcome
  • if you’re partner(s) can’t or don’t want to join you, come on your own
  • if you are new to D/s or have been at it for years, you are welcome!

We welcome all parties interested in exploring power exchange in greater depth! However… the workshop is limited to 12 people so don’t dilly dally or we may have to turn you away 🙁

Required Equipment

Just an open mind and a desire to expand your views.

When and How Much

Saturday, April 16, 2016

NHOT World Headquarters (If you haven’t been here before, the address will be provided when you register – vetting applies)

Your registration includes:
•    The workshop from 10-5
•    Lunch
•    Light snacks throughout the day

Pretty sweet deal at just $40/person!

Playing with Power Inquiry