Fuck YES!

Because affirmative consent is hot!

Naysayers from the “outside” world look at what we do and label it abuse and assault (among other things.)

The important element that keeps it from being those things is consent; because without informed, mutual consent, those “outsiders” would be correct.

Not to mention how sexy it is to hear someone eagerly and enthusiastically say “yes” to allowing (or doing) dastardly things!

In this full-day workshop we are going to delve deeply into the elements of negotiation and the process of giving and receiving informed consent as it relates to these things and more:

  • Setting up a first-time scene with someone
  • Demo bottom considerations from the perspective of being the presenter and the bottom
  • Starting a new relationship or navigating shifts in existing ones

We consider ourselves life-long learners as well as teachers and do not claim to have all the answers on this topic.  Our hope is that at the end of the day we will all have stronger consent muscles than we started with.

What We Will Cover

Through interactive discussion, exercises and role play, we’ll explore The Good, The Bad and The Ugly as it relates to negotiation and consent, including topics like these and more….

  •  The Good  – Negotiating techniques and tips to help you get what you want and steer clear of what you don’t want, as either the top or bottom, like:
    • Important questions you should always ask (and others that you might want to add)
    • Learning to recognize when you need to clarify the answers you hear
    • Reference checking pluses and pitfalls
  • The Bad –  Not everyone comes to the table with strong negotiating skills and some come with downright bad intentions! Here we’ll examine things like:
    • Common (and not so common) red and yellow flags to watch for
    • Recognizing when negotiation is actually manipulation in disguise and how to handle it
  • The Ugly –  Sometimes no matter how hard you try, things go wrong. We’ll discuss methods for handling unsavory situations, such as:
    • Broken boundaries and safeword slip ups; intentional and accidental
    • Discerning between an accident, a consent violation and assault and ways to handle each
    • Approaching the difficult task of introspection to find your personal lessons and reduce the chance of a repeat situation
Who Should Attend

EVERYONE! Consent is a communication skill, and communication is a life-long learning activity.

Plus… if you produce, promote, teach or lead any type of kink event, the bar is even higher. Like it or not, people look to us as an example. Continually honing negotiation and consent skills is part of the responsibility that comes with assuming those roles.

When, Where and How Much

Saturday, October 7, 2017

10:00 – 4:00 ish

NHOT World Headquarters (If you haven’t been here before, the address will be provided when you register – vetting applies)

Cost is $30/person

The registration fee includes:
•    The workshop
•    Light snacks throughout the day
•    Lunch

Use this form to register or inquire about vetting for this event.

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