First Aid for the Dungeon (and beyond)

featuring Addy & River!

NOTE: We need a minimum of 7 paid registrations by December 3 in order to run this class. If you are interested in attending, please inquire right away!

In a perfect world, there would never be accidents, injuries or medical emergencies.

But we don’t live in a perfect world. Add to that the risks of BDSM activities, and having CPR and first aid Training as part of your toy bag is one of the smartest decisions you can make!

That’s why we are bringing Addy and River back to NHOT to offer combined Basic First Aid and CPR Training.

Certifications will be issued for those who are able to complete the skill competencies and written exam.

The difference between taking this training at NHOT (vs a healthcare environment) is that:

  1. You’ll get to do it in the company of like-minded peers.
  2. You can ask questions specific to kink-related incidents without fear of getting tossed out of class!
  3. A kink version of this class also means you’re in a classroom of people excited to be there, contrary to the typical workplace training.
What the training will cover

 A lot! Here’s a wee partial list:

• Recognizing an Emergency & Deciding to Help
• Personal Safety & Good Samaritan Laws
• Infectious Bloodborne Diseases
• Standard Precautions & Personal Protective Equipment
• Consent & Implied Consent as it pertains to offering care
• High-Performance CPR
• Chest Compressions
• Rescue Breaths—CPR Mask
• Rescue Breaths—Bag-Mask
• Automated External Defibrillation
• Caring for Respiratory Arrest & Cardiac Arrest
• Multiple Provider Approach to CPR
• Control of Bleeding,  Tourniquets & Hemostatic Dressings
• Shock, Concussion, Spinal Injury &  Brain Injury
• Thermal Burns, Electrical Burns & Chemical Burns
• Fainting, Stroke, Choking, Hypoglycemia, Seizure, Breathing Difficulty, Severe Allergic Reaction
• Heat Exhaustion &  Heat Stroke (cuz some dungeons are crazy hot!)
• Hypothemia and Frostbite (and some are crazy cold!)

This is a blended class. That means there is an online module that you’ll need to complete prior to the on site training.

On average, the online training takes 5-6 hours and is a prerequisite for attending the classroom part of the course. Rather than spending 9 hours in a classroom to get both a CPR and first aid certification, you complete the online training at your own pace and finish earning your certification with in-person skills practice and testing

Who should attend

This training is designed for both laypeople and healthcare/rescue providers, specifically:

  • People who are not healthcare providers or professional rescuers but want or need to be certified (or re-certified) in basic emergency medical care.
  • People who are in healthcare or the professional rescuer field that are required to have professional-level basic life support training (or be re-certified.)
When, where and how much

Sunday, December 10
1 – 5 pm
NHOT World Headquarters (vetting applies)


Registration includes the training, certification and light snacks.

Space is limited.

Use this form to register or start the vetting process

CPR & First Aid Training Inquiry