Fire Demo with Dunter

Does fire get you hot… or wet?

Are you curious about things like fire whips and fire flogging?

Then you’ll definitely want to join for this

Fire Arts demonstration by Dunter!

What you’ll learn

This will be a 2-hour informational, lecture-style class and demonstration (no hands on participation) that will include:

  • General fire-performance safety and practices.
  • Fire performance fuel and equipment.
  • Considerations regarding local laws and fire performance
  • Demonstration of the use and basic techniques of…
    • Fire Poi
    • Fire Staff
    • Fire whip
    • Fire flogger
    • Fire breathing and more!
Who Should Attend

Anyone with an interest in Fire Arts looking for insight into learning how to do these things or just for the pure joy of watching.

When, Where and How Much

Friday, June 16 at 7:30 pm

NHOT World Headquarters (vetting applies)

$20/person before June 1 ($25/person after that)

About Dunter

Dunter is a fire lover with over a decade experience from play to performance. He holds a certification for fire performance in Canada and is a member of a fire performance troop. He has a tips and tricks up his sleeve!

As an educator, he enjoys sharing his knowledge and is an active member of the Montreal kink community with almost two decades of experience in various disciplines, including many forms of edge play, like rope suspension, electro-play and fireplay.

His knowledge and skill, coupled with his ability to infuse just the right amount of humor and fun into his teaching, make him a sought after presenter.

He has presented at a variety of venues including; Fetishcon, Shibaricon, Thunder in the Mountain, Bound in Boston, Fetish Fair Fleamarket and Torture Garden.

In addition to his kink credentials, Dunter spent two years as part of the flying rigger team for Cirque du Soleil and 10 years as a weapon master for the movie industry.

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