A Buffet of Scintillating Sensations!

Floggers and crosses and blindfolds, oh my!

There is a delicate line between pain and pleasure.  At it’s best, it’s the sweet and sensual dance of dominance and submission.  The means and methods available to perform that dance are innumerable.

As varied as the tools of the BDSM trade are, they all have one thing in common;  improperly applied they can inflict damage instead of delight!

We have put this workshop together so you can safely sample a variety of deviant devices under the watchful eye of an experienced teacher and guide, so you can learn to hurt your partners without causing harm!

But it’s not just about technique.  You’ll learn how you can use these tools and techniques to further your power exchange relationship to make your “play” more meaningful.

“I was really impressed with the level of instruction–real instruction–about considerations that need to be heeded in doing various activities the right way.  Everyone involved in the community needs to know these things.”

What We Will Explore 
  • Impact: Floggers, Whips, Canes and more
  • Sensation: Wax play, Knife play, cupping and more
  • Electrical: Violet Wand, TENS
What We Cover
  • Safety
  • Types of Equipment – cuz not all toys are created equal!
  • Various Techniques – cuz everything can deliver a range of results!
  • Time-tested Tips (aka stuff we learned the hard way so you won’t have to!)
Who Should Attend

Anyone who is curious about any of the things listed is welcome.  You can come alone, with a partner or with multiple partners.

Everyone will have the opportunity to find out what it feels like to be on the receiving end and/or learn how to deliver the demonstrated techniques safely and effectively.  However, no one is required to try anything!

Some folks jump in with both feet and try everything, others dabble and some simply soak up the information for future use.  It’s all good!

If you choose to experiment, you’ll be doing so under the watchful eye of an instructor who can provide suggestions to not only improve your skills but also enhance the connection you can achieve during play.

We came into the ExploratorYum with many preconceptions about the activities that we’d be exposed to and were blown away with how wrong we were. This was a real eye-opener!”

Required Equipment

Bring your toy bag if you have one but don’t worry if you don’t;  we have plenty of goodies to share.

When, Where and How Much

Saturday, March 11, 2017

10:00 – 5:00 pm

NHOT World Headquarters (If you haven’t been here before, the address will be provided when you register – vetting applies)


The registration fee includes:
•    The workshop from 10-5
•    Light snacks throughout the day
•    Lunch

Your Instructor

Carl’s interest in kinky things dates back to grade school where his idea of a rousing game of boys-chase-the-girls culminated with tying his captured counterparts to a tree.

These days his dominant desires lean toward continually expanding skills to enhance power exchange; particularly rope, suspension, canes and whips.  After teaching Industrial Arts for 10 years, Carl has found  sharing his passion for BDSM with his kinky cohorts a much more fulfilling outlet for his BS in Education. These days his shop tools most often get put to use building dungeon goodies.

Since space is limited for this event, we suggest you contact us asap to begin the vetting process or reserve your spot.

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