Dudes in Distress: A Fem Domme ExploratorYum!

agonyIf inducing misery in macho men makes you happy…

If you love to mess with the junk of your favorite hunk…

If he’s not the only one getting wet when you make him cry…

Then you’ll definitely want to join our guest presenters, Athena Kali and Skyla to hone your harrowing skills.

While it’s fun to joke about all the ways to torture your man, we know you only want to hurt him, and never want to harm him.

That’s why we are offering this day of dastardly demos along with the opportunity to try what you learn in a safe space, under the guidance of experienced peers.

What We’ll Explore

These Women of Woe will each share their favorite areas of agony with you.  Here’s some of what will be covered:

  • Tying male bodies – including microbondage
  • Sounding safely… for your pleasure and his
  • Impact …and the delicate dance between pleasure and pain
  • CBT (of course!)
  • Body worship – finding the style that suits you
  • Chastity and more!

You will have the opportunity to try most of the demonstrated techniques.  However, no one is required to try anything!

Some folks jump in with both feet and sample everything, others dabble and some simply soak up the information for future use.  It’s all good!

If you choose to experiment, you’ll be doing so under the watchful eyes of experienced women who can provide suggestions to not only improve your skills but also enhance the connection you can achieve during play.

What We’ll Cover
  • Safety
  • Types of Equipment
  • Various Techniques
  • Time-tested Tips (aka stuff they learned the hard way so you won’t have to!)
dommeWho Should Attend

Anyone who identifies as a female dominant is welcome to attend, with or without a partner(s).  If you plan to come without a partner, loaners will be available 🙂

Please keep in mind that the subject matter is geared toward female dominants with partners who have a penis since the women who are facilitating feel best qualified to teach what they know and live.

Required Equipment

Bring your toy bag if you have one but don’t worry if you don’t;  there will plenty of goodies for sharing.

When, Where and How Much

Saturday, January 30, 2016

10:00 – 5:00 pm

NHOT World Headquarters (If you haven’t been here before, the address will be provided when you register – vetting applies)


The registration fee includes:
•    The workshop from 10-5
•    Light snacks throughout the day
•    Lunch
•    A private play party in the evening (You’re on your own for dinner.  There are dozens of options within a 15 minute drive.)

Your Facilitators

Skyla is a polyamorous, sadistic, Domme.  She is married to one of her partners who identifies as a Top and in a long distance D/s relationship with her submissive.  In her free time, she enjoys volunteering in the BDSM community for a handful of organizations including New England Dungeon Society and Dark Odyssey.  Her main fetish interests aside from D/s are whimpering boys, CBT, and bondage.  Skyla‘s vanilla hobbies center around reading, writing and swimming.

Athena is married to her submissive partner, Icarus.  They began their journey as a dating D/s relationship before transforming their relaionship into one of the best examples of a female led marriage that we have encountered.

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