Dungeon Monitor Training

featuring Addy!

photo: NHKinksterCouple, model: Skyla

SOLD OUT! Dungeons are full of sights and sounds that might be reason to dial 911 if they happened outside the confines of a play space!

The vast majority of what takes place in a public play space is safe and consensual, so why do we even need Dungeon Monitors (DMs)?

Because despite the best laid plans of tops and bottoms, sometimes things go wrong or people make poor choices, and, sadly, predators do exist.

Ultimately, we are each responsible for our own personal safety.

DMs do not absolve us of that responsibility; they serve as an added layer of protection. Knowing that they are keeping a watchful eye on the play space allows the rest of us to relax more fully into our scenes.

Being a good DM involves quite a bit more than just putting on a sexy orange vest, although if you can rock the vest, that’s a plus!

What we will cover

In this full-day workshop, you will learn some of what goes into taking on the role of being a DM like:

  • Scanning and how to tell when something that looks dangerous actually is.
  • Equipment inspection and other aspects that go into generating a safe and comfortable scene space
  • How to enforce boundaries in a firm, yet non-confrontational way.
  • Knowing how to respond when things go awry.

Through group exercises, self reflection, and role playing activities you will come away from this day with the tools and framework needed to be a successful DM… or conclude that being a DM is not for you (because it’s not for everyone, and that’s ok!)

Who should attend

Anyone interested in learning what it takes to be an effective Dungeon Monitor in a variety of settings.

When, where and how much

Saturday, October 28

10am – 4pm

NHOT World Headquarters (vetting applies)


Registration includes the training, lunch and light snacks.

About Addy

photo by RopeRider

As the holder of multiple certifications from the American Safety & Health Institute (ASHI), including Basic First Aid and CPR, it is no surprise that Addy is sought after to lead DM and Safety Teams for major events like The FetishFair Flea, Bound in Boston, Dark Odyssey Fusion and KinkyCon.

Addy walks quietly in the kink community with a gentle, yet imposing energy that is welcoming and somehow simultaneously laced with the perpetual potential of benevolent doom!

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