Building Your Own Box Tie

The box tie (aka takate kote or TK) is a classic chest harness with a wide range of bondage applications; including but not limited to suspension.

If you’ve been led to believe that there is only one “twue way” to fashion a box tie, according to the “rules of shibari,” then you’ve been sold some rotten sushi!

While it’s true that there is a pretty universal foundation to the box tie, it is also true that in Japan each professional shibari artist typically distinguishes themselves by developing a signature version of the tie.

So much for one twue way-ism!

In this full-day workshop you’ll learn a multitude of modifications and techniques to be able to craft this fundamental tie in ways that match the skill and comfort level of any rope bottom you work with.

Our intent is that you leave with a signature box-tie of your own!

What You Will Learn
  • Safety issues specific to the box tie
  • Anatomy and risk management; including signs of nerve impingement and how to respond.
  • Gauging your bottom’s flexibility and pain threshold and adjusting to match the.
  • Modifications to accommodate the entire gender spectrum
  • Technical modifications you can use to achieve specific effects.
  • Explorating the best ways to load for suspension (we will not be doing full suspensions, we will simply experiment with load points)
What You Should Bring
  • Safety shears
  • Rope! Bring as much as you want but you should come with at least 3 30-foot and 2- 15-foot lengths (or some near equivalent.) Either natural or synthetic fiber is fine – according to your personal preference.
Who Should Attend

Advanced Beginners and beyond are welcome.

We define an Advanced Beginner as someone who:

  • is familiar with basic rope safety
  • can tie a simple, non-cinching/non-collapsing single & double column tie
  • understands the concept of ‘reverse tension.’

If you have never tied at all, this is not the right place to get started but NH Rope Group would be 🙂

When, Where and How Much

Saturday, September 23
10:00 -4:00 pm

NHOT World Headquarters in New Hampshire (address provided upon completed vetting.)

$80/pair (Any 2 people are welcome to register as a team but you must register as one pair and work out the finances between you 🙂

Registration fee includes:

  • the workshop
  • lunch
  • light refreshments throughout the day
About the Presenter

Vn1sNfuRRs (pronounced venus in furs) entered the rope scene in Maine in 2013, fell in love with rope and began to immerse herself in education.

As she says, “i’m a submissive and a rigger. Confused? Don’t be. i’m definitely not.”

As someone who enjoys being on both ends of the rope, she has attended more rope conventions than you can shake a stick at, including NARIX and BED. She’s been tutored by a variety of well-known riggers and rope veterans including Murphy Blue, MoCo & Beemo, Lew Rubens and studied privately in Japan with Kinoko.

An avid advocate for building community, she leads two rope groups in Maine: Rope ME and the Portland chapter of Hitchin’ Bitches.

Space is limited. Please use this form to secure your spot or initiate the vetting process today!

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