power exchangeNew Hampshire Order of the Triskelion (NHOT) exists to provide a welcoming environment among vetted peers to explore Power Exchange and its benefit to body, mind and spirit.

NHOT was founded by Carl and lisa out of their passion for sharing the rewards they enjoy from living an alternative lifestyle that includes power exchange.

Many people struggle with coming to terms with their heart’s desire, especially when that desire includes activities and lifestyle choices that fall on the power exchange spectrum; which could be everything from recreational BDSM to a TPE relationship structure.

Power exchange in the bedroom, in the form of kinky sex, has recently enjoyed more mainstream acceptance.  However, desires that slide further along the spectrum of power exchange, into areas like D/s, M/s or O/p, for example, are still widely misunderstood, marginalized and even discriminated against.

Thankfully, with the 2013 release of the DSM-V (the mental health diagnostic rule book) alternative sexual behavior between consenting adults has been depathologized.  You can finally be a fetishist, transvestite, sexual sadist or sexual masochist without being automatically labeled as having a mental disorder.

While this is a very important milestone, widespread social acceptance is still a long way off for power exchange lifestyle choices. That is why we feel it is so very important to provide a place where you can feel welcome, accepted and celebrated for your erotic and relationship proclivities!

About the Founders

Carl has enjoyed BDSM for more than 20 years, embracing the social and public aspects of the lifestyle in 2006. Participating in the local community brought a wonderful, life-changing freedom of spirit for Carl, clearing the way for him to finally feel comfortable with his dominant desires.

She was well into her 4th decade before lisa discovered that there was a name for what she’d felt all her life. Discovering that she was submissive in 2005, opened the door for her to seek fulfillment and balance in ways she’d always sensed were available but had remained out of reach.

Carl and lisa met in 2010 and have been living happily together as Master and slave since.